The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association was established as a professional, independent, non-profit and non-political body, on 19 January 2014, by virtue of the Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs Decree No. (1) of 2014. The association is composed of a group of enthusiasts and people interested in acquiring classic cars, with the aim of bringing those people together under one entity, providing all services related to these cars, holding exhibitions and competitions related to the association’s activity, as well as sharing important information relating to this field with them.


Over 350 Registered. Join us now and be a part of our Association.

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You can contact a car care company And get a special discount for members of the association up to 35%

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You can contact a car care company And get a special discount for members of the association up to 35%

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You can send all your inquiries about classic cars by filling out the consultation form and Our experts will answer you

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Very soon you will be able to view or buy classic cars on our website for free

Our Vision

The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association has Qatari aspirations and global ambitions to be a socio-cultural association aspiring to enhance the prestige of classic cars in Qatar and the region.

Our Mission

The association is working on providing a distinctive and attractive environment to preserve classic cars as a legacy that would be passed down from one generation to another and a community heritage that would be owned by a professional and aware generation having the necessary skills to preserve and maintain such heritage it, through providing the owners of these cars with educational, artistic and cultural experiences. ... The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association provides its members and those interested in this category of cars with all technical services that help them to protect and maintain their cars, whether in terms of providing spare parts or repairing breakdowns. The association also provides social and cultural services that could contribute to creating an educated generation that has the skills to deal with classic cars in order to maintain them locally, regionally and internationally. It also provides an opportunity for such cars' enthusiasts to practice their favorite hobby, and unleash it freely and professionally within an institutional framework that enables them to play a positive role in the field of driving cars, and consolidating the process of observance and adherence to road laws in Qatar.

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