50 luxury classic cars decorate The Pearl Qatar


Under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, the activities of the second edition of the Qatar Classic Cars Competition and Exhibition 2020, organized by the Gulf Qatar Classic Car Association in partnership with the United Development Company, kicked off yesterday in the Porto Arabia area on The Pearl-Qatar. The event will continue until March 7. In its current version, the exhibition includes about 50 luxury classic cars, representing different historical categories of various models, including: “Rolls-Royce - Renault - Standard - Peugeot - Buick - Cadillac - Ford - Chevrolet - BMW - Mercedes - Jaguar - Studebaker - Mercedes Benz - Fiat - Dodge - Pontiac - Nissan - Daimler - Oldsmobile - Toyota - Ferrari", whose manufacturing history extends between 1925 and 1990, all of which participate in the competition accompanying the exhibition.
The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Gulf Classic Car Society, in the presence of Mr. Omar Al Fardan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Qatar Classic Car Society, Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Member of the Board of Directors of the Society, and Mr. Ibrahim Jassim Al Othman, President Executive Director and Board Member of United Development Company, Mr. Abdullatif Al Yafei, Executive Director of General Services in the same company, and a number of important personalities interested in the world of classic and rare cars.
His Excellency Sheikh Faisal stressed that the acquisition of classic cars constitutes a real investment of great moral and human value, noting that these cars carry with them the memories of youth and childhood.
He pointed out that the exhibition will be organized every year with the aim of encouraging young people to practice this hobby.
His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Member of the Society's Board of Directors, stressed the importance of the exhibition as it represents a new and long-awaited breakthrough for the classic car sector in the country.
He added, "This exhibition will be planned to be an annual event that represents a valuable opportunity and a platform for owners of classic cars and enthusiasts to display their cars in front of car enthusiasts, and to provide them with a close look and view, in order to meet the passion of many interested in knowing the details related to this category of cars, whether they are citizens or Residents who have a great interest and fondness to watch it.
His Excellency continued, "We aim to stimulate the participation process in the exhibition, so there will be a competition accompanying its activities, in which a group of distinguished cars will be selected in several categories, carefully developed, according to international standards, and through specialized jury committees, on The winners will be announced on the last day of the exhibition.
For his part, Mr. Omar Al-Fardan said: “The exhibition, which ranks second in classic car exhibitions after Kuwait, represents an incubator for owners of this category of cars to display their cars to the public, and at the same time, it provides a platform through which those interested and concerned from the public can view the models of their favorite categories. One of the classic cars, especially since there are very rare cars owned by many in Qatar, which are considered masterpieces of art and engineering, manufactured by the oldest and largest car manufacturers in the world, which are invaluable to their owners and lovers alike.”
Al-Fardan added that the process of acquiring classic cars for many represents a culture and heritage that must be preserved, so that it has become seen as part of the culture and heritage of Qatari society, which all concerned - especially classic car owners - must preserve and enhance.

The competition includes five categories
of classic cars
On the sidelines of the exhibition, the “Best Classic Car” competition is being organized, where the participating cars compete over 4 days to win the title of the best car. The best car will also be selected from among the participating vehicles, as a specialized committee will evaluate the cars and select the best among them, with the unanimous consent of the members of the committee. arbitration.
This competition includes five categories of classic cars, including the first category: from the model year 1947 and before, the second category: from 1948 to 1957, the third category: from 1958 to 1964, and the fourth category: from 1965 to 1974, while The fifth category includes: from 1975 to 1990.

Raising the spirit of competition among car enthusiasts
This competition contributes annually to enhancing the exhibition's attractiveness to car enthusiasts, fueling the spirit of competition among them, and motivating the participants in the exhibition to display their best cars and show their interest in them.
The competition aims to encourage owners and enthusiasts of classic cars to actively participate in the exhibition, and to stimulate the investment process in this category of cars by interested and amateurs.

Great turnout for the exhibition on its first day
The first day of the “Qatar Classic Cars Competition and Exhibition 2020” witnessed a large presence and a remarkable turnout, from fans of classic and old cars, and from the public attracted by unique events, who have a great interest and fondness for watching classic cars, especially rare ones whose manufacture dates back to tens of years. the years.

Seminar “Passion for the Past and Investing in the Future”
Next Saturday, the exhibition will witness the organization of a specialized symposium entitled "Classic Cars: A Passion for the Past and an Investment for the Future", which will include a number of experts and specialists in the classic car sector, owners of this category of cars, and technicians working in a number of car agencies in Doha. The symposium will shed light on the challenges facing owners, collectors and owners of classic cars in Qatar, and the role of the Gulf Qatar Classic Car Association in supporting classic car owners in Qatar, by introducing the association and its plans.

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