Baraha Luxury Classic Cars Exhibition 2024


The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, in partnership with Msheireb Properties, is organizing the second edition of the Al Baraha Luxury Classic Cars Exhibition, which will take place in Msheireb Downtown Doha from April 29 to May 3. The event will feature a rare collection of classic luxury cars representing different historical eras.

His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, expressed his appreciation for the fruitful cooperation between the Association and Msheireb Properties in organizing the exhibition. He said, "Today we are proud to announce the second edition of the Al Baraha Cars Exhibition. The luxurious classic will progress rapidly, consolidating its position as a heritage and cultural event that must be preserved and encouraged to continue its progress locally and globally."

Mr. Omar Al-Fardan, Vice President of the Association, added that the exhibition provides a platform for classic car lovers to view the rarest and most beautiful classic cars, and praised the great cooperation with Msheireb Properties. The exhibition is also an important tourist destination that allows owners of classic cars to display them to the public. These cars represent part of Qatar's heritage and tell a story about an important era in its history.

Engineer Ali Mohammed Al Kuwari, CEO of Msheireb Properties, stressed the importance of national companies sponsoring major events and activities organized in the country. He praised Msheireb's distinguished location, which represents a landmark that combines heritage and modernity in Qatar, and the company's efforts to support the public's interests by hosting important events.

He praised the distinguished location occupied by Msheireb. The location represents a landmark that combines heritage and modernity in Qatar. He pointed out that Msheireb Properties is constantly striving to support the public’s interests by hosting many important events and developing Msheireb to become the beating heart of the capital, Doha, by hosting important events.

The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association aims to introduce the Qatari community to its activities as a sponsor and supporter of classic car owners. The association seeks to highlight its activity in the Qatari community and encourage investment in classic cars. Moreover, it aims to shed light on the history of classic cars in Qatar and introduce the various stages through which the classic car industry has passed.

The association also seeks to provide a distinct and attractive environment to preserve classic cars as a heritage passed down through generations. It believes that classic cars are a community heritage owned by a professional and aware generation that has all the skills necessary to preserve and maintain this heritage. Therefore, the association provides owners of classic cars with educational, artistic and cultural experiences, and all social, cultural and artistic services that contribute to creating an educated generation with the skills to deal with this category of cars in order to preserve and maintain them as heritage, legacy and history.

For many in Qatar, the acquisition of classic cars represents a culture and heritage that must be preserved. It is considered part of the culture and heritage of Qatari society, which all concerned, especially classic car owners, must preserve and enhance. Classic cars have their fans in various parts of Qatar as well as in all countries around the world. The association seeks to promote and support classic car enthusiasts and owners, especially since there are very rare cars owned by many in Qatar. These cars are considered artistic and engineering masterpieces whose manufacture dates back to the most prestigious and largest car manufacturing companies in the world, and whose value is priceless for their owners and enthusiasts alike.

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