The Gulf Qatar Classic Car Association commends Kuwait's participation in the Qatar Exhibition


The President of the Qatar Gulf Classic Car Association, Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, praised today, Thursday, the distinguished participation of the Kuwait Museum of Historical, Old and Traditional Cars in the Qatar Classic Cars Exhibition (Qatar Concours des Elegance 2016).
In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Sheikh Faisal expressed his happiness at visiting the Kuwaiti pavilion participating in the (Qatar Concours d'Elegance 2016) competition and exhibition, pointing out that Kuwait owns a large and distinguished collection of old, luxury and classic cars.
He said that Kuwait is one of the pioneering countries in this aspect at the Gulf, regional and global levels due to its rich history in this hobby and the interest and follow-up of many personalities, stressing the importance of Kuwaiti participation in this exhibition by displaying a rare collection of distinguished, luxury and classic cars.
He pointed out that the Kuwaiti participation was distinguished through its presentation of old and classic cars, which are considered rare antiques of great historical value in the region, adding that they were very popular with visitors to the exhibition who were briefed on the most prominent rare cars in the Gulf countries.
He pointed out that His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah's keenness and interest in Qatar's participation in the Kuwait luxury car competition in two previous editions contributed to enriching the Qatari experience in holding this exhibition and benefiting from the Kuwaiti experience.
He mentioned that His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed is one of the founders of this hobby in the Gulf region through the acquisition of a number of historical and rare cars, the most beautiful and conservative, which represent part of the history and heritage of Kuwait.
On the objective of the competition and exhibition, Sheikh Faisal said that they aim to spread awareness of the importance of the culture and heritage of classic cars, especially as there are many people who have memories with these cars, which have become part of the history and heritage of society.
He stressed the importance of paying attention to this hobby, developing it, nurturing it, and highlighting it in a civilized manner in order to attract visitors and tourists, arouse their interest, and inform them that there are many Arab Gulf youths who are keen to acquire these cars, so that they remain a historical record on many stages in the region.
For his part, Director of the Museum of Historical, Antique and Traditional Cars Department, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Yaseen, told KUNA that the Kuwaiti participation comes in support of the Qatar exhibition and to highlight and display the old and classic cars of international standards, in which the world shares its rich cultural traditions with regard to the automotive sector.
"We aspire to compete for advanced positions in the exhibition competition, in light of what we own of a group of cars that are among the most prominent rare cars in the GCC countries and the world," he added.
He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Qatar Gulf Classic Car Association for its invitation to participate in this distinguished international event, which is witnessing distinguished regional and global participation.
On the Kuwaiti Museum of Historical, Old and Traditional Cars, Al-Yasin said that it aims to focus on the history of Kuwait and cars, documenting that, linking the current and subsequent generations with the past, and ensuring the preservation of cars related to Kuwait's history and prominent events in the nation's past.
This competition is being held for the first time in the State of Qatar as part of an international competition whose first session was launched in Paris in 1920 and has won over the years millions of followers around the world and thousands of participants who own the most luxurious and beautiful cars at the same time.
About 100 luxury classic cars are participating in the five-day competition, which was launched last Tuesday, divided into five categories according to the FIA ​​system, which divided classic cars into several groups.
The Gulf Qatar Classic Car Society allocates valuable prizes for the competition and exhibition, where there will be prizes for each category, a prize for the best car that preserves its originality, an award for the best car in the competition, and an award for the most elegant car.

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